Wine Sommelier Thoughts

I thought the white was the best wine out of the three. It was nice and crisp and had a nice simple nose and fresh apple on the palate, which is what a lot of people expect from British whites.

The rose was very quiet on the nose, I think maybe some further ripening or less intervention in the winery might help bring out more character here but having said that, I thought there was a lot more character in the mouth. For what it is, its perfect.

The red I thought had all the fruit aromas you would want to see, that I think will become more prominent with warmer vintages and as the vines get older.

Overall I think they all show great promise. They will get better each year as the vines have a chance to develop and produce more complex fruit. Also, you will get a much better idea of when to harvest etc. If it was my vineyard and first vintages wines, I would be extremely happy!



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